Soul Song

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Dedicated to all souls on the way home.

Innocence is the gateway to soul and the every personality is wounded in love in life in matter.

Coming into matter is a nefarious affair and yet it must be by soul design because the parents and culture are so formative of our conditioning of the identity of self, that it can’t be a random lottery because if that is the case.

We are all fucked. Life is unfair. Life is a merciless executioner of fate. The starving child in Ethiopia abandoned to fate and not the souls design. We are truly fucked. Abandoned children of the universe thrust from source onto this rock called Earth and like lemmings falling off the edge into life.

NO!! I tell you life is love and love wants us to experience the richest experiences life has to offer in 3D reality in matter. Life is looking over us like a loving Shepard and it is our choice that defines us and where we decide to live from creates and shapes our experience to serve life and love.

Innocence is the gateway to soul which gives expression to the purest expression of the souls design for our intended experience to navigate.

Innocence which leads to the depth of soul is in the opposite direction to naivete which exists on the surface of personality. Which like wounding is the crust of being accumulated to channel the ego animal as a right of passage and training toward the orientation to travel toward the depth of soul when the surface illusion of the material of the matrix no longer holds sway over the personality choices. When the true compass of being centered in heart starts to direct the pig of personality by pulling it by the ring in its nose toward the direction of love so arises a meaningful life toward essence of soul looking to birth.

And so the hero’s journey begins into the depths of the underworld below matter, below the 3D below the matrix.

Along the way the outermost crust of surface consciousness, the Inner Child, (the one closest to heart consciousness) begins to clean up the debris of wounding in the personality. Here self love starts to blossom.

Next on the way deeper is the shallow masculine and feminine consciousness of the prince and princess. Love gets very confused and distracted here and the journey in most souls becomes stuck at this level of reincarnating into relationship after relationship because the debris of the child’s wounding keep tripping up love from leading deeper.

However if the ego sees the folly of chasing this rabbit and digs deep enough into itself to love the other as a reflection of self to break the personality out of it’s control drama … a new territory arrives where the identity of self is no longer defined by wounding.

It is a new dawn in consciousness as the gift of the surface masculine and feminine become reference points to navigating between hope and despair, between love and fear, between expansion and contraction, between freedom and slavery.

The hero rises into new depth of being. The tree roots of heart grow deeper than the grass roots of conditioned humanity, lost in the illusion of love. The hero ascends the depths sprouting branches, leaves and blossoms releasing a fragrance of consciousness that has the ever increasing clarity to discern which direction to grow and flow to serve the deepening of heart roots in service of deep love.

For now, love is the awakening consciousness that teaches the masculine and feminine duality and allows the beauty of their respective consciousnesses.

The masculine as the most effective hunter gatherer of the red material plane and feminine the most effective dreamer magician of the blue magical plane.

The hero is getting close to the inner marriage as the red and blue consciousness understand the way forward is only to pass through the eye of the needle by surrendering and going to their knees in service of love. Love becomes the ruler of their domain.

Gone is the wolf of fear despair contraction and slavery. It has been defeated by the wolf of love hope expansion and freedom. The masculine and feminine have paid the price. They are no longer the same identities that left the surface to travel deeper to the other side of the river toward the depth of soul.

The prince and princess resolved into the deep masculine and feminine of the king and queen yet with the wisdom to surrender power of consciousness and the power of being feeling to the ultimate power of love of life and there is joy in the land.

Their inner union heralds the rise of the dragon consciousness the phoenix rising out the ashes of their complete surrender.

It gives wings to the soul to emerge out the chrysalis of personality to truly fly as the butterfly essence of soul.