Soul Love

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For us it is clear that every Soul wants to experience more love.

More heaven on earth, that feeling where everything becomes timeless and the moment expands … It is ecstasy to the soul. Living abandoned to the moment of being in soul time.

The other side is the dark within us. It fears this light.
You have chosen SoulEssence because we can show you, your light…and … Your dark.

The reason your heart opens when we challenge you is because we have the strength to shine our divine light into the shadow portions of yourself.
In that moment you become illuminated with light / Love / Truth and you expand into love.

Watching people in this process it’s clear to see their caution. The shadow portions of ourselves that aren’t used to the light. Who as identities won’t and can’t exist in the light but will be transformed and healed. Only then can they be integrated into light. If this is what your soul wants then you should spend as much time as possible immersing yourself with us. It’s logical.

The important part however is to take time out as often as you need to integrate. Too much light shatters the dark Psyche so you need to pace yourself like a long distance runner. Because your identity is being drawn like a moth to the flame of love which will alchemically transform it into the next level of consciousness (love) as the shadow identity (so to speak) is burnt away.

We are inviting you to come be with us. It’s an opportunity to be in the intense light of love and burn away as much as you can allow by being in the bliss of the intensity of light. The fullness of who we are in the Shine of our Soul Essence that challenges the dark portions of people with light. After these intense periods it’s perfect that you have your own life and travels that will take you away from us, giving you time to integrate. If you return we will become home to each other. This is what soulmates understand.

That in duality there needs to be Love within Freedom and conversely Freedom in Love. This truth we desire to live more fully every possible moment we can. This is our collective journey of self mastery.

If what we share here ignites the passion of your soul … Then you are our embodied soulmate in this moment and every other moment that we come together in loving freedom.