Ego Choice

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  • The one who gets on the boat to cross the river to the other side of heightened consciousness is not the one who gets off on the other side.
  • We can lead you to the light but we can’t make you stay.
  • It’s not our dark we fear … But our light .

There are two wolves fighting:

The one wolf is Love, hope, expansion, freedom and the other wolf is fear, despair, contraction, slavery.

Which wolf wins?

This is a question the soul watches us as personalities play out that defines and shapes our purpose as personalities….persons in world.

Whichever wolf we as persona feed the most, wins.

The soul gives us freedom to feed both because love and fear are two sides of the same coin.

The creativity is the beauty in having the strength to pick up the brush and paint with passion and feed love and fuck what anyone thinks as you feed the wolf of contraction, this is my life!

Just maybe another wolf of love licks your face and conversely you can feed our own wolf of love with a heart wide open to ridicule from other person’s wolves of contraction that are breathing down our neck with their eyes rolling in exasperation.

And so we dance life.