Dark Night of the Soul

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The Dark Night of the Soul is an overwhelming deep transition phase that is thrust upon us by life. Pushing us to the edge of ourselves when we least want or need it.

It can be any life challenging event that when we work through it becomes life changing. It can be anything from an accident, to the loss of a loved one, relationship or career related. We all have experienced these critical mass circumstances because it’s a normal part of maturing.   

The coaching assists the person in such challenging circumstances to gain orientation and perspective that facilitates a healthy awareness and understanding of how to be and act in the situation so that it can move toward resolution in accordance with the Souls Design.

We know and understand the challenges the individual is facing in these turbulent times of change. The focus of this coaching is to feel into our clients to determine where they currently are in the Dark Night of the Soul process and how we can support them in their unique situation. Offering guidance and what feels like life saving internal reference points to the person in this phase where they have lost all outer reference points.

The coaching focuses on deconditioning from the outer reference points that no longer serve. So awakening to the deeper soul perspective enabling the individual to step into their own inner guidance and authority as they begin to explore this new territory.

We invite our clients into a new way of perceiving their circumstances which supports them in finding their own unique way through the Dark Night of the Soul.