Right Connection

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21 Feb 2021

If you stay centred in the YOU of you. You form the right connection with yourself. Your true self that is the centre of your universe.

The quality of the connection and focusing on that aspect is what I call “right connection”

That connection to true self strengths and empowers you.

This gives the false self the chance to literally grow up with all the trials and tribulations involved in that evolutionary process. Of being and becoming more and in creating the right internal constellation of these aspects internally your soul starts to shine.

Iit’s related to the love manifestation we all crave most. Absolutely.

However ‼️

As you form this right connection with yourself you will be tested to discern the difference between knowing what you need Vs what you want.

If you abandon / betray your connection to your true self to satisfy your false self-pain bodies desires  you will end up where you left off in your last connection with external love. Frustrated and disappointed in love.

This is the life’s teaching process using love.

You can’t go unconscious. If you go fairy tale … “Could they be the one?” … They that you manifest will disrespect you again and again till you evolve the right connection with your true self.

So yes explore but now do it with right connection always in mind.

Stalk your love interests  like you would stalk your parents – through observation – and yet open hearted to right connection.

At any sign of their false wounded self you need to step back into safety behind a boundary to honour and respect your sacred right connection to your true self.

This will be a never ending  back and forth process as you learn to become a sovereign being.

You will need a heart as soft as butter (which you have) and the courage of a lion (which exists in your true self).

Run it as an experiment.

How close can you allow them and at what point do you have to step back so as to stay in love with your true self (ultimate right connection)?

Much love

The Ambassador for Life

– Yaalini Devi

This is EXACTLY what this year has been for me. It’s so refreshing to be on this journey with allies and people who are consciously stepping into the same awareness.

Beautifully put. Thank you

– Janis Kay Wheeler

What is your definition of right connection with self? What are the qualities and characteristics of being and doing it?

Janis Kay Wheeler that’s a great question and I could write a full piece on this …

Short answer

1) I hold space for myself

2) Witness others and life without judgement

3) I create safety for myself and thus not needy of others for love – I source love through my own heart

4) This is a rational approach to balance …. the chaos that is life and death unfolding to create a beautifully order.

By staying in right connection with myself this way I continue to stay centred in the now as an explorer of the unknow my being as present in every moment as possible.

– Selena Maestas

Sophie Ellwood YES! Part of me being “on the roof” as a 6/3 reflector was finally understanding that I get to live life for ME on MY terms. Yet, my last two romantic partners… It took me a while to truly believe that it was okay to let them go. It wasn’t what I wanted, but I felt I “needed” a partner. They both loved me dearly and I’m the one that had to choose to leave. It’s hard, but now I’m seeing that it doesn’t mean anything negative. It’s just part of my growth. Karl Heart, thank you for this.

– Sophie Ellwood

“As you form this right connection with yourself you will be tested to discern the difference between knowing what you need Vs what you want.” — This ^^ this is so true!!

So many times I think I’ll have learnt a lesson or been closer to putting my needs first and then another ‘want’ vs ‘need’ situation will come up haha.

– Fernanda Helena Ferreira

Thank you Karl Heart for the way you so magnificently shared this inner process. I understood it so clearly and deeply and it stayed in me immediately, as an energy that resonates totally with my self. And the impressing thing is that 2 days ago I had a strong experience about a relationship that without noticing before I was yet in the trap of trying to find “the ones” that can be in love with, and inside me, after strong discerning moment, I knew that there must be a way for me to stop it and more important to know how and what I could change that aspect in myself. I knew that must exist a way for me/us to solve this love aspect and you brought me/us in a clearly way. Thank you for being doing your work and im so grateful for this Group ,as i would have ways to speak to whom can undertand and live similar living experiences, so unequal to the people around me. Thank YOU innerly!!