Relationships – Being Correct from the Start

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50 Shades of Grey  Anastasyia – Inspired

One of the most important things to understand. At the very beginning of looking at any kind of partnership is to really understand yourself. At the moment that you’re really clear about yourself then you’re going to be much more aware of what’s happening to you in a relationship with anyone else.

When you’re looking at your soul design, and you’re looking at what is formed within you during your incarnation of the vital first 7 years you’re looking at what is fixed and reliable in you, it’s not going to change. It is your difference, your Soul Essence, and it’s why everything is based on trusting in what is fixed as that default program. Trusting the design of your soul to create a program to ultimately formulate your decisions as a unique ego based personality. Because those decisions are going to be correct for you, for your differentiation as a soul in this life time of experience and the reason for existing in the first place as a sentient being. This can only be achieved once you have inverted the negative conditioned imprint of your Not Self into your soul shine by being your True Self.

Most human beings make decisions based on what they’re not, based on their reactions of wanting to be treated like everybody else which is crazy because then they aren’t acting correctly according to their unique Soul Essence. Instead they react based on wanting to be like everybody so that they fit in otherwise if they don’t fit in with everyone else they feel guilty, because they’ve been shamed into it, conditioned to it, motivated to it, whatever the outside conditioning rationalization happens to be.

But what’s so important for us is to live out our uniqueness our Soul Essence. If we don’t live out our uniqueness, then the whole never flourishes. When you look at the way in which humanity is designed at the genetic level, you will see that we have a basic genetic imperative. And that basic genetic imperative is to make more. It’s all your genes truly care about. If they don’t make more they die off. And they don’t want to die off, so they make more.
The other thing is that genes don’t want to make more with the same. They always want to make something new. And the more they keep on making something new, the greater the possibility of being able to withstand a mutation and to survive.

One of the basic things to grasp about what it is to be a human being is that we are designed to be attracted to what we are not. In other words, we are designed genetically for the very survival of our species to be attracted to the conditioning field.

Obviously that’s a trap. There’s no question that that is a trap. That conditioning to the outside making the outside so attractive leads to human beings abandoning who they are to try to be something else. The False Self.

The problems of most relationships are that they were never entered into correctly, and that the participants in the relationship don’t operate correctly as themselves according to their unique Soul Essence. That really is what it’s all about and it’s very important to grasp.

One of the most difficult things to observe is the awakening of people to their Soul Design, their nature, what’s correct for them, and for them to go through the dilemma of the realization that relationships, externally and both internally between their inner Masculine and Feminine, that they’ve been involved with are not correct for them and often that is very disturbing, obviously.

But when we come to speaking about partnership, the best partnerships are the ones that you’re going to enter into correctly as yourself in tune with our Soul Essence. This is the essence of the inner marriage and the best way to maintain a relationship, develop a relationship, or have a relationship flower is to respect the nature of the Soul Essence of the other being from the safety and security of your own inner marriage.

The most important thing that one learns about soul mechanics is that you can’t change anyone. You can condition them; but you cannot change them. And the moment that one realizes that your relationship is not going to get better if you change or the other changes, you’re already on your way.

If you’re correct within yourself and integrated in that relationship as an inner marriage then it is going to work for you. if your true self is in charge and not your false self. This is what being correct within yourself means. It means being impeccable. It means being professional in the relationship.

The relationship is not going to be perfect, relationships are here to challenge us to operate at a higher level of consciousness so it’s nothing to do with sweetness and roses. It’s not about that. It is about the correctness of it.

There are deep complexities in the way in which we meet, in the various ways in which we connect to each other. There are all kinds of ways to analyse partnerships but at the very, very basic foundation of any relationship, you don’t have to go deep into all of its intricacies and mechanics. You have to be correct within yourself – Impeccable – professional with the other. As a professional you have to insist on being treated with respect according to the nature of your Soul Essence and this is the ONLY boundary you need.

Being professional is treating others that way too respecting their Soul boundaries first and foremost because if you don’t the power struggles start which takes you both back into conditioned reaction of the false self rather than the correct way of being within which is the true self. If you respect each others true self soul boundaries, rooted in impeccability, you enter into new relationships according to your Inner Authority. If you do that, you will see that those new relationships are relationships that are rewarding for you. And that the problems of the past, the problems that you’ve had in relating with others in the past can disappear. That’s something very special.