NDE Perspective

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J: I wonder ,ya know how kids sleep a lot when going thru growth spurt? I wonder if we do the same when we have gone thru a period of spiritual growth🤔 where it’s not an exhausted depleted kind of tired but more like a peaceful rest that comes over us and provides our souls and bodies with the serene quiet that it needs to catch up energetically?like the literal energetic upgrade.Would make sense with the natural balance of things to ebb and flow work/rest,start/end,live/die.Hmmm,I like that 🙂

Part of the reason that this reckoning has been so difficult to get to is that it wasn’t and isn’t just about the addiction,which in itself is almost indecsribable but because I have been and still am having very strong visions/knowings and dreams about how it will result.And you could probably guess what that is…death.I have seen it since he was born.Then from having an NDE I know that there are actually worse things than death,especially here on earth.Some people think or feel that having emotions is worse than death…and that is what makes them addicts.These choose their ultimate demise over working thru the feelings…but I didn’t choose that and never would.The wisdom of the nde tells that ultimately everything will be as it should,therefor it is okay.