Masculine & Feminine

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Shining the light on the difference in languaging the light/dark masculine & feminine vs surface/deep M&F.

The distinction is subtle between surface&light to dark&deep but similar to the distinction between the esoteric and shamanic way of viewing the world. Having followed the shamanic toltec path I find it easier to language into body and soul for people seeking soul attunement.

Why is this important? Because in a world dominated with the light(immature)/surface (prince&princess) mind the mind seeks to climb the ladder. The ladder is the logical way to go up and be a king or queen. Our whole world order sells this game of thrones strategy. More / higher is power, is success.

To get this egocentric surface oriented personality to surrender to soul becomes a non starter it’s more like another season of Vikings. It’s going against the flow of a lifetime and why it takes a midlife crisis to begin to even contemplate the value of surrendering to depth (heart) rather than the relentless mindful reaching for the stars.

When that surrender to depth to attune to soul begins the most important gateway is that of the child consciousness and once through. The power of vulnerability opens up another gateway from naivete to the power of innocence. Innocence being the closest state we can attain to in physical form that is closest to soul.

As a baby at the gateway in or as an elder at death’s door on the way out the world of human affairs (values), means nothing because we are closest to absolute truth because we are closest to being at the centre of ourselves. Closest to being nothing waiting for something.

The only reason little “I” have any authority to speak. Is based on a near death experience in which my right of passage to find shamanic self healing brought me back to this reality. In that soul depth, absolute truth was omnipresent. As a 1st Ray … I’m still discovering ways to speak and be the ambassador for life that big “I” is.