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Our CONVICTION is who we are. It defines us and our personality is what gives it expression and our mastery is what gains acceptance by others. This is leadership. It’s what we need most in these times of disorder to grow a new order that serves.

Walks in two worlds drawing on two deeply developed aspects:

KarlBusiness : Entrepreneur / Strategist 

A successful self starter businessman who manifested a lifestyle with the most valuable personal commodities of – free timeto follow his hearts desireRecurring Income –  as a semi-retired tech business owner of a National IT Enterprise. The journey started by acquiring formal university degrees to become an accomplished: Computer Scientist + Organizational Psychologist + Strategic Marketing Analyst. To go on to incubate New Paradigm Businesses in various sectors from Green Consciousness to Industry wide IT platforms and Philanthropic Intentional Communities.

KarlSoul : Whisperer / Coach

A Seer Tracker from the Toltec Shamanic Tradition and a Reflector in Human Design. In the Astrological terms he has his Sun in the 12th house shining light of consciousness into the unconscious of others. These 3 external reference points define Karl’s gift to see. A unique ability to within minutes unpack a strangers life story and connect to their soul essence. To reveal what is pulling them forward or holding them back that is whispered into his awareness. It is a magical experience that brings what is unseen from the shadows into light. His passion is to support people to Soul Shine.

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