Inner Child & Heart – Drop the Preoccupation with the False “Queen’s & Kings”

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Q:  Do I need to become a queen?
What if I just accept the child in me.
Maybe it is not my journey….

Karl: No you don’t need to become a queen and in fact, not something you should focus on.

It’s definitely not your journey now.

Your journey now is just t0 accept the child in you.


Q: Thank you!!!! I’ve been trying so hard to become a queen and I thought the only way I could do that is if I kill the child in me. She is embarrassing and I don’t like her. I forgot that she is also beautiful and playful. She is frigging alive. I should not hide her..I must learn to love her and accept her. Thanks for reminding me 🙏✨

Karl:: She is the gateway to your heart – She is the Key

Clarification: Inner Child & Heart Vs King & Queen Preoccupation

This view is counter to common wisdom, in which the dominant Power Over Model encourages Power: before and over Innocence.

The result is we end up with inner development being focused in the wrong direction toward power (Kings & Queens).

Away from Pure Love, a state of being in full presence with vulnerability.

The Inner Child understands this state of being best because it is it and is here to show the way back to heart through The Power Of Innocence

This situation is made worse in semi conscious Neo-Tantric and Polyamory communities where the child is denounced and shamed into submission.