Holding Space

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Men naturally have to learn to hold space when their partner becomes pregnant and her hormones ravage he into being an incubator for life to incarnate. All her irrational fears perfectly come to the fore as she tests the fabric of the space to ensure it will accommodate the new soul it is to hold. So the nesting begins and life for the man is like a weaver making nest after nest until she is finally happy.

To live through this irrational phase requires a man / person / being to hold space as the fabric is tested an none more pronounced than during the first 9 months of gestation.

In relationships it often comes to this point of irrationality for both partners at any given time and that it is when our impeccability to be professional and rationally calm and collected in the relationship is most needed.

Otherwise it falls into the power struggle and in that space it’s all about the other person and what they need to change. When in fact it’s our opportunity not to be who we used to be that is on offer = We change.