Workshop Venue

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The Temple of the Dreaming Dragon derives its name from the Rock Spines dramatically protruding from the land. It brings to the surface deep crystal formations that reach up to the pristine milkyway galaxy seen side on, releasing soul essence to be seen and felt. Facilitating a unique profound workshop energy.


Workshop Spaces

  • On the secluded grass under a sun covered pergola.
  • On the grass banks along the river under tall shade trees.
  • In the uniquely round shamanic tribal fire space for conscious dance or fire ceramonies with haunting acoustics.
  • The Dreaming Room is a seperate building with a unique calm cool energetic space due to it being mud brick from floor to ceiling.

There is a cermonial dipping pool in the Dragon House sundeck which can be used perfectly for water rituals.


For conscious community living we offer a fully equipped farm style kitchen.

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The Dragon House and surrounds can accomodate up to 20 people. The rooms have double bed, three bed and or four bed configurations. Camping under the stars is also highly popular. There is a spacious womb living room for gathering in the evenings. On the veranda you can grill on the large barbeque or just relax on the sunbed. Enjoy a bath under the stars in our firebath. Meditate in the large gardens surrounding the main house. There is a dipping pool in the sundeck which is perfect for cooling off, as well as a farm style swimming pool at the fire space.

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