Your Purpose Is To Be You

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Why choose us?

To Re-Engineer Your Soul Code

Imagine the Possibilities

Expanding Consciousness + Deepening Awareness = Abundance

Upcoming events

  • 14-16 October 2022 Tenerife Canary Islands Spain (English & Spanish)
  • 7-30 April 2023 Karoo South Africa (English / Dutch / Spanish)
    • The opportunity is to come early dive deep and separate out that doesn’t serve us using the Dragon Fire Pit then build up the layers of Dragon Heart week 2 and then week 3 Dragon Play at Afrika Burn…
    • Intake & Week 1 – Friday 7 April – Who Are you ?
    • Intake & Week 2 – Friday 14 April – Who Do You Want To Be?
    • Intake & Week 3 – Friday 21 April – Be It! – Will be in Afrika Burn which finishes sun 30 April. Monday is a public holiday.
English & Spanish Facilitation

Super Consciousness

Going beyond IQ & EQ

Opening up to Heightened Consciousness and Deeper Awareness enables abundance to flow as our Purpose in the Personal & Professional realms align.

Impeccable Professional Purpose:

Right Action in Any Situation

Designing an inspirational life for yourself.
Manifesting a inspirational daily lifestyle.
Stepping into being and living it.

Join us on the Journey

The Warriors Path of Heart

A modern way to live in a post self-absorbed age

Heartfelt Personal Purpose

Live with Meaning

To “Live with Our heart as our Compass and Love as the Direction.”

To Rise in Love with your Soul Mates at this time or more intensely to call them in as a Twin Flame Experience.

Living this way requires the courage of a lion and a heart as soft as butter.

Heart Consiousness

The Wisdom to Discern Right from Wrong

The secret ingredient to being you is your heart & getting to live from your heart first then body and lastly mind is a radical shift in being human this is super Consciousness

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