Soul Coaching

Thank you Karl! I felt the power of the experience you facilitated and was super impressed with your ability to fully embody what I needed and bring it in to our space. Being held in that way is an experience I don’t ever actually remember having in this lifetime. It has been sorely missing and has brought a greater understanding to my own stuckness. With an understanding of that energy, there are immediate shifts. Thank you!
Nicky 2017


Thank you Karl and Jerome for revealing myself  to me. I learned a lot that afternoon. I know you both care for me so I was able to learn the rightful needs, comforts, security and indulgences that unconsciously thought  I was not entitled to. After our meeting I had days of stress, days of trying to think of what  I really wanted out of life. It came to me that I already have everything I want and need , a partner, a comfortable home with a view of the sea from  three windows, . children that I love and who love me and the blessings of my glorious grandchildren. What I have come to realize,  is that what I did not have was a good relationship with partner.  There were days of anger , silence, resentment and depression. After days and days of introspection I came to realize that I feel strongly about our marriage vows, and found the courage to confront him  and discuss our problems. We have reached an understanding. We also discussed our worries about making financial investments. We both feel that it takes all our energy to get through each day. There is simply no need to commit ourselves to new responsibilities at our age and declining  strength. When our lives are running smoothly we will always be open to exploring exciting happenings and ideas, but right now,our most important need is to reclaim the last sixty five years of a loving commitment towards each other. Karl and Jerome we respect your truths, and your amazing abilities  to turn peoples’ lives around for the better.  Respectfully and fondly.
Raena 2017


Remote Soul Coaching

Karl, I like sharing myself with you and enjoy hearing from you. Our connection feels lovely in some way. Through it I seem to drop deeper within. Our talks challenge me…. and in opening to that, things shift in me. There is a part of me that would like to continue opening up my heart, being more vulnerable and authentic. Especially with a man. I feel ready for that and feel open to Life surprising me. And I’m scared and feel vulnerable. I recognize the divine masculine in you, respect it and feel drawn to it. At the same time in the deepest part of me I feel pristine stillness that desires nothing from anyone.
Samantha 2018


question I always ask myself is, is my ego resisting being exposed or is Karl abusing me as a teacher. With the answer being most of the time ambiguous my curiosity motivated me to explore more with Karl. He is confronting, wise, intuitive and he is available as a friend.
Chu 2017


Karl is one of the very few people who gets me. He sees through my bullshit and pushes my buttons like no one else. There were times where I wanted to punch him. Regardless of my reactions, Karl didn’t give up. He knew that I was’hiding’ something and he was determined to get to the root of the problem. At the time I didn’t understand where he was going with the questioning, but in hindsight It all makes sense and for this, I am very grateful. Grateful of our exchanges and the lessons and learnings that came out of our interactions.”
Bia 2018