Retreat at Dragon Dreaming

My time in the Karoo has been one of the watershed moments in my life. Thanks for your energy in this, and your commitment to the souls that were open to receiving. While I found the vulnerability uncomfortable at times, it has been a revelation about how that vulnerability leads to empowerment. Only when things are brought into the light can they be examined properly. When things are examined, there’s knowledge on how to bring about necessary change. Through this knowledge I feel empowered to actually implement the change, and alter the trajectory of my life. I found it relatively easy to accept the “gifts” people were giving me. I think I always knew what was in my blind spot (on a subconscious level) but felt powerless to change, so I repressed and buried these truths – keeping them in the dark – which continued the cycle. One of the biggest truths I learned was the importance of a healthy participation with the red of life. The understanding that red is the framework, or, skeleton and body that gives a home to the blue soul, was huge. Without the body, the soul cannot exercise its power in this realm. My aversion to the red elements of life has been holding me back. In fact it has prevented me from being powerful, which is my birth-right on this planet. In business and in family, I have given my inner child too much decision-making power. After that weekend with you and the other gift-bearing souls, I feel like I’m positioned to begin part 2 of my journey. I feel optimistic and empowered as an adult, to co-create consciously and proactively instead of just subconsciously reacting to life, as a child.
David 2018

Dear Soul Essence team. My take home from the retreat. It’s all about space. Creating space by stepping back from the coal face to see the full picture. Being a director. The director of my life. I learned on the mountain that if I try find that space by looking for it, I will find only barren Ness. Instead I need to just experience it because it is all around me. Funny how I was in the most spacious place imaginable – a high desert plateau – and I couldn’t find it.cIf I had just sat down and acknowledged where I was I had all the space I needed and more.
James 2018

Immersion Experience

“I have been working with the SoulEssence team over a period of two months. It feels like I am going through my issues on the fast track and in that coming more and more into my power. These are very profound processes. Core issues have surfaced that I have suppressed so strongly, that they are coming to the surface for the first time now, despite the self healing work I have been doing the past three years. I felt a deep fear, a terror in me that I wasn’t aware of until it surfaced in the work with the team. It’s like an iceberg: I’m starting to see the tip of it now and I have no idea how much is under the water. This feeling is about life or death, that’s how strong it is. I was so deep in my pain as I have rarely experienced before. I started crying on the inside in the morning and throughout the whole day. By the evening the crying had come to the outside. I cried for hours and they held me through it as my body mind released the pain I’ve carried unconsciously for too long”
Mandy 2018