Soul Coaching

Thank you Karl! I felt the power of the experience you facilitated and was super impressed with your ability to fully embody what I needed and bring it in to our space. Being held in that way is an experience I don’t ever actually remember having in this lifetime. It has been sorely missing and has brought a greater understanding to my own stuckness. With an understanding of that energy, there are immediate shifts. Thank you!
Nicky 2017


Thank you Karl and Jerome for revealing myself  to me. I learned a lot that afternoon. I know you both care for me so I was able to learn the rightful needs, comforts, security and indulgences that unconsciously thought  I was not entitled to. After our meeting I had days of stress, days of trying to think of what  I really wanted out of life. It came to me that I already have everything I want and need , a partner, a comfortable home with a view of the sea from  three windows, . children that I love and who love me and the blessings of my glorious grandchildren. What I have come to realize,  is that what I did not have was a good relationship with partner.  There were days of anger , silence, resentment and depression. After days and days of introspection I came to realize that I feel strongly about our marriage vows, and found the courage to confront him  and discuss our problems. We have reached an understanding. We also discussed our worries about making financial investments. We both feel that it takes all our energy to get through each day. There is simply no need to commit ourselves to new responsibilities at our age and declining  strength. When our lives are running smoothly we will always be open to exploring exciting happenings and ideas, but right now,our most important need is to reclaim the last sixty five years of a loving commitment towards each other. Karl and Jerome we respect your truths, and your amazing abilities  to turn peoples’ lives around for the better.  Respectfully and fondly.
Raena 2017

Remote Soul Coaching

Karl, I like sharing myself with you and enjoy hearing from you. Our connection feels lovely in some way. Through it I seem to drop deeper within. Our talks challenge me…. and in opening to that, things shift in me. There is a part of me that would like to continue opening up my heart, being more vulnerable and authentic. Especially with a man. I feel ready for that and feel open to Life surprising me. And I’m scared and feel vulnerable. I recognize the divine masculine in you, respect it and feel drawn to it. At the same time in the deepest part of me I feel pristine stillness that desires nothing from anyone.
Samantha 2018

Retreat at Dragon Dreaming

My time in the Karoo has been one of the watershed moments in my life. Thanks for your energy in this, and your commitment to the souls that were open to receiving. While I found the vulnerability uncomfortable at times, it has been a revelation about how that vulnerability leads to empowerment. Only when things are brought into the light can they be examined properly. When things are examined, there’s knowledge on how to bring about necessary change. Through this knowledge I feel empowered to actually implement the change, and alter the trajectory of my life. I found it relatively easy to accept the “gifts” people were giving me. I think I always knew what was in my blind spot (on a subconscious level) but felt powerless to change, so I repressed and buried these truths – keeping them in the dark – which continued the cycle. One of the biggest truths I learned was the importance of a healthy participation with the red of life. The understanding that red is the framework, or, skeleton and body that gives a home to the blue soul, was huge. Without the body, the soul cannot exercise its power in this realm. My aversion to the red elements of life has been holding me back. In fact it has prevented me from being powerful, which is my birth-right on this planet. In business and in family, I have given my inner child too much decision-making power. After that weekend with you and the other gift-bearing souls, I feel like I’m positioned to begin part 2 of my journey. I feel optimistic and empowered as an adult, to co-create consciously and proactively instead of just subconsciously reacting to life, as a child.
David 2018


Soul Essence team. My take home from the retreat. It’s all about space. Creating space by stepping back from the coal face to see the full picture. Being a director. The director of my life. I learned on the mountain that if I try find that space by looking for it, I will find only barren Ness. Instead I need to just experience it because it is all around me. Funny how I was in the most spacious place imaginable – a high desert plateau – and I couldn’t find it.cIf I had just sat down and acknowledged where I was I had all the space I needed and more.
James 2018

Conscious Soul Dance

“Im Camp in Spanien habe ich vom Worhshop vom Karl und Amanda gelesen und mich entschieden mitzumachen. Die Veranstaltung fing entspannt an, wir tanzen und fühlen mehr und mehr. Der Körper und der Geist verschmelzen zusammen, es entsteht mehr und mehr ein Gefühl von Schwerelosigkeit. Nach ca. eine Stunde kam Amanda tanzend auf mich zu und es war so als würde eine Energiekugel auf mich zurollen. Ein Gefühl wie Stromschlag und Sturm, wie Urknall und Blitz. Zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben habe ich die Energie eines Menschens gespürt und gesehen. Es war sehr emotional, alle Grenzen verschwimmen, alle Schleusen gehen aus, Gefühle fliessen durch mich. Ich möchte weinen und lachen zu gleich. Unvergesslich- ganz sich für den Rest meines Lebens. Egal was geschehen wird, dies war der Kick Off mehr über Energie zu erfahren. ”
Ralf 2018

“At the camp in Spain, I read about the workshop that Karl and Amanda were holding and decided to join in. The event started relaxed, we were dancing and feeling more and more into ourselves- the body and the mind are merging, a feeling of becoming weightless arises. After about an hour Amanda came dancing to me and it felt like an energy ball rolling towards me. A feeling like electric shock and storm, like big bang and lightning. For the first time in my life, I felt and saw the energy of a human being. It was very emotional, all boandaries blurred, all locks released, feelings flow through me. I want to cry and laugh at the same time. Unforgettable – for the rest of my life. No matter what happens, this was the kick off to learn more about energy. ”
Ralf 2018

“Ihr zwei seid super. Eure Offenheit lädt einem extrem ein… in diese Energie. Ihr passt so super… schön in eure unterschiedlichen Energien zu sein. Danke.”
Jane 2018

“You two are awesome, your openness invites the people in… into this energy. You are so great … beautiful in your different energies. Thank you.”
Jane 2018

“Ich bin zu euch gekommen, um meine Stärke und meine Liebe für mich zu festigen. Die Arbeit mit euch war für mich toll und sehr lehrreich. Danke dass es euch gibt.”
Ernst 2018

“I came to you to strengthen my strength and my love for myself. Working with you was great and very revealing. Thank you for being here.”
Ernst 2018

Shamanic Energy Work

“Liebes Team von Soulessence,
Im Rahmen des diesjährigen Playa Camps hatte ich die Gelegenheit, an einem mehrstündigen Workshop zum Thema schamanische Energie Arbeit mit Euch teilzunehmen.
In der kurzen Zeit konntet ihr mir ein Gefühl für diese Welt vermitteln und ihr habt mich neugierig gemacht auf mehr. Zu erleben, mit welcher Intensität und Kraft ihr eure Arbeit präsentiert war sehr beeindruckend für mich. Vielen Dank für diesen Einblick, der mich inspiriert tiefer in schamanische Energie Arbeit einzutauchen. Vielen Dank und kraftvolle Grüße”
Michael 2018

“Dear Soul Essence Team
As part of this year’s Playa Camp I had the opportunity to participate in workshop on shamanic energy work with you. In the short time you could give me a feel for this world and you made me curious about more. To experience with what intensity and power you presented your work was very impressive for me. Thank you for this insight that inspires me to immerse myself deeper in shamanic energy work. Thank you and best regards.”Michael


Soul Whispering Session / Sitzung

Die Reise mit Karl- Auszug aus einer Persönlichkeits Healing Session. “Es könnte sein, dass meine Seele genau auf diesen Moment gewartet hat. Es könnte sein, dass Karl der damals noch unbekannte Grund meiner etwas sinnfreieren Visumsverlängerung ist/ war. Es ist in jedem Fall sonnenklar, welche immense Veränderung das Treffen von Karl und mir in meinem Leben bewirkt und immer weiter bewirken wird. Alles was sich gestern zeigen durfte hat sich Jaaaahre aufgestaut und immer tiefere Verzweiflung in mein Leben gegraben, wie umdrehen, wie auf den organisch gesunden Weg in Bezug auf Partnerschaft, Liebe und Sexualität finden.Wie aus diesem verlorenen Sein entrinnen und weiterhin mit Haut und Haar ganz in meine wundervolle Präsenz als Frau einsteigen. Der Irrsinnsrahmen, der mein Gedankenleben bestimmte wurde gestern in manchen relevanten Punkten um 180Grad gewendet. Ich verstehe nun, dass es Teil einer gesunden Männlich-Weibllich Anteile Beziehung ist, auch mal die Spur zu wechseln oder aber mich einer bereits schon bestehenden Verabredung vorzuziehen, aus Selbstfürsorge und Selbstliebe. Und genau diese Verhaltensweisen hab ich vorher als Kindlich eingeschätzt.Ich weiß, dass ich mich immer noch im leeren Raum befinde, da wo kein Dad war ist heute volles Unwissen, Alleinsein, Unverständnis, fast sogar Starre. Wenn sich die Starre ausleben will dann verwandelt sie sich oft in allzu unnützigen Aktivismus. Machen machen machen, um mich verbunden zu fühlen. Schreiben ist so ein powerful tool. Alles darf sein und findet sich plötzlich im Schreibfluss.. Dann wieder Leere. Sobald der Kopf meint er müsste jetzt unbedingt dran bleiben. Naja anyways, was ich weiß, ist, dass ich heute morgen multidimensional aufgewacht bin, dann im Tagesverlauf etwas wütend, definitv gelangweilt vom kindlich erfüllten Sein, welches mir mein Freund heute ausreichend spiegelte. Es zeigte mir was ich nicht mehr will und löste sehr viel Desinteresse, fast schon Ignoranz aus. Viel mehr aber noch eine Art heilsamer Weg, da ich nicht mehr einatmete und lächelte und Raum hielt, wie ich es eben sonst gewöhnt bin, sondern weit und breit ausatmete, in eigenem Frieden, etwas verärgert, auch gleichgültig, wenig besorgt, mehr erregt endlich mal was Richtiges zu machen. Das kleine Mädchen, Die Frau, der Mann, das Höhere Selbst, die Hochzeit mit der Unschuld, das Nasenbluten und das Erbrechen (energetisch, wow), das tiefe Sehnsuchtsgefühl, dass sich ein daddy um mich kümmert- all das will nachträglich geheilt und genäht werden. Energie im Hüft und Herzbereich. Meine Eltern haben es mir wirklich nicht leicht gemacht. Das Beste daran ist das Beste darin. Lass uns experimentieren. Kein Interesse mehr an die Kleinigkeiten und ans Geschäft bis zum Umfallen. Ich möchte meine Energie in mein Frausein investieren, auch noch spielen zwischendrin und mich zudem für meine Love-Money Balance für 1,2 richtige große Lebensprojekte entscheiden. Des Weiteren habe ich mich entschieden ein Healing Miracle zu sein. Daher ist ja nun endlich alles gut in meinem Leben. Diese Erlaubnis genau das zu sein ist wohl die größte und beste und krafterfüllende, die ich mir je gegeben habe. Alles steh mir bei! LOVE.THANKS.”
Johanna 2018

“The trip with Karl
It could be that my soul has been waiting for this moment. It could be that Karl was the then unknown reason of my somewhat more meaningless visa extension / was.In any case, it is crystal clear what an immense change the meeting of Karl and I will have in my life and will continue to do so. Everything that happened yesterday was dammed up by years of dwindling and deeper despair into my life, how to turn around, how to find the organic healthy way in terms of partnership, love and sexuality.How to escape from this lost being and continue with skin and hair into my wonderful presence as a woman. The frame of insanity that determined my thought life turned 180 degrees yesterday in some relevant points. I now understand that it is part of a healthy male-female relationship, sometimes to change lanes, or to prefer an already existing appointment, out of self-care and self-love. And exactly these behaviors I have previously considered childlike.I know that I’m still in the empty room, where there was no dad today is full ignorance, aloneness, incomprehension, almost even rigid. If the rigidity wants to live then it often turns into overly unnecessary activism. Doing something to make me feel connected. Writing is such a powerful tool. Everything may be and finds itself suddenly in the write flow .. Then again emptiness. As soon as the head thinks he has to stay tuned.Well anyways, what I know is that I woke up multi dimensional this morning, then a bit angry over the course of the day, definitely bored with the childish fulfillment, which my friend sufficiently reflected. It showed me what I no longer want and sparked a lot of disinterest, almost ignorance, but much more still a kind of healing way, because I no longer inhaled and smiled and held space, as I’m used to it otherwise, but wide Exhale, in your own peace, a little angry, also indifferent, little worried, more excited finally something to do right. The little girl, the woman, the man, the higher self, the wedding with the Innocent, the nosebleed and the throwup (energetically, wow), the deep longing that a daddy cares – all this wants to be healed and sewn. Stuck energy in the hip and heart area. My parents really did not make it easy for me. The best part is the best in it. Let’s explore. No more interest in small tings and business falling over. I would like to invest my energy in my life, even play in between and I also decide for my love-money balance for 1.2 real big life projects. Furthermore, I decided to be a Healing Miracle. So, finally, everything is finally fine in my life. This allowance to be just that is probably the biggest and best and powerfullest I have ever given myself. Everything is with me! LOVE.THANKS. ”
Johanna 2018

Working with Soul Essence                                                                             A question I always ask myself is, is my ego resisting being exposed or is Karl abusing me as a teacher. With the answer being most of the time ambiguous my curiosity motivated me to explore more with Karl. He is confronting, wise, intuitive and he is available as a friend.
Chu 2017

Immersion Experience

“I have been working with the SoulEssence team over a period of two months. It feels like I am going through my issues on the fast track and in that coming more and more into my power. These are very profound processes. Core issues have surfaced that I have suppressed so strongly, that they are coming to the surface for the first time now, despite the self healing work I have been doing the past three years. I felt a deep fear, a terror in me that I wasn’t aware of until it surfaced in the work with the team. It’s like an iceberg: I’m starting to see the tip of it now and I have no idea how much is under the water. This feeling is about life or death, that’s how strong it is. I was so deep in my pain as I have rarely experienced before. I started crying on the inside in the morning and throughout the whole day. By the evening the crying had come to the outside. I cried for hours and they held me through it as my body mind released the pain I’ve carried unconsciously for too long”
Mandy 2018


“Karl is one of the very few people who gets me. He sees through my bullshit and pushes my buttons like no one else. There were times where I wanted to punch him. Regardless of my reactions, Karl didn’t give up. He knew that I was’hiding’ something and he was determined to get to the root of the problem. At the time I didn’t understand where he was going with the questioning, but in hindsight It all makes sense and for this, I am very grateful. Grateful of our exchanges and the lessons and learnings that came out of our interactions.”
Bia 2018