I have been working with Karl over a period of two months. It feels like I am going through my issues on the fast track and in that coming more and more into my power. These are very profound processes. Core issues have surfaced that I have suppressed so strongly, that they are coming to the surface for the first time now, despite the self healing work I have been doing the past three years. I felt a deep fear, a terror in me that I wasn’t aware of until it surfaced in the work with Karl. It’s like an iceberg: I’m starting to see the tip of it now and I have no idea how much is under the water. This feeling is about life or death, that’s how strong it is. I was so deep in my pain as I have rarely experienced before. I started crying on the inside in the morning and throughout the whole day. By the evening the crying had come to the outside. I cried for hours and Karl held me through it.