The Temple of the Dreaming Dragon is the main location in South Africa where we hold our retreats and workshops to soul awakening.

The Temple Space itself has something magical about it. It brings everything that wants to be seen to the surface ruthlessly. The energy of the place reinforces individual processes massively. The depth of what has never been seen and felt is revieled.

The Temple of the Draming Dragon is situated in the middle of the south african desert. The emptiness of the location leaves no room for hiding or distracting from the process, allowing everything that is not of love to come to the surface.

The guests and participants of the work we do there have the unique opportunity to dive deeply into their issues and into themselves in a way they have most likely never or rarely done before. The facilitators  support, guide and hold space in a loving and caring manner.

The Location

The Temple of the Dreaming Dragon in the Karoo is situated a short distance from the famous scenic garden route along the east coast of South Africa. From Capetown it`s about a 3.5 – 4 hour drive.

The South African Desert is not what you would expect of a desert. The Temple of the Dreaming Dragon is situated in a unique valley with a micro climate and stunning mountain vistas… from snow tip mountains in the winter, to stark mountains and green foresty areas in the summer. The TouwerKop is behind the Temple, which is the highest peak in the Swartberg. Directly in front there is a climb to an empty plateau above the valley. It`s pristine, uninhabited and with wild Kudu and springbok and their numbers are increasing. No humanity in sight. It is a simply magical setting to escape.

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The Temple is a sacred place bestowed upon us by spirit in a dream, which then manifested shortly afterwards in the physical reality. It’s a magical manifestation of spirit infused matter which allows the deep energy of the Earth base chakra to be lived and felt in southern Africa.

Why South Africa

Africa is the birthplace of humanity. It’s a place that does not suffer fools and yet drums a heartbeat that reminds us of the soul values that matter. Mother Africa is at the heart of the world map, yet it still holds deep ancestral feminine power as the dark continent.

The Country challenges convention and defies the power-over legacy of the immature western masculine mindset that seeks to colonise and own Earth.

Could you think of a better place than here to experience the surrender to the design of soul? Where could you better remember who you truly are?