The Dark Night of the Soul is a deep transition phase in which the ego evolves into a higher state of consciousness. The ego is entirely redirected onto a different path. This involves a break down of life as the way you knew it and all it’s meaning, altering your concept of life to your core.

In this core of who you truly are you can experience all there is through a soul perspective. This is a major shift to life fulfillment. Real source/ soul awareness runs down to your ego self, eliminating all ego concepts.

The process of the Dark Night of the Soul is intense and scary as all the conditionings, everything we have identified ourselves with start to crumble. This often leaves the affected ones in a deep state of despair, depression, confusion.


There are three phases that can be used as a reference point going through the Dark Night.

Seperation: The affected ones feel separated from their life and from everyone they know. They feel alone and isolated. They have the impression they can’t talk to anyone because no one will understand what they are going through. They don’t understand it themselves.

Especially during this phase it is helplful to have someone to talk to, someone that understands the difficult process you’re going through and can reflect that back to you.


Liminality: This is the phase in which you are living on a threshold between the known and the unknown. Your familiar world may be inaccessible, but at the same time you become aware of an unfamiliar realm. You are living in between these two places. The anthropologist Victor Turner describes this important middle phase phase of liminality: “It’s like death, like being in the womb, like invisibility, darkness, bisexuality, the wilderness, and an eclipse of the sun and the moon.”

You may do or feel things that make you feel less civil, less in control or even insane. You may notice how the Dark Night takes you away from the cultivation and personality you have developed during your life.


Re-Incorporation: When you step back into your old life after the Dark Night you will have changed. People will notice this change, will not understand you and will wonder about you. The human nature is conservative, they don’t want you to change. Therefor your family and friends will have to adjust to you too. Relationships will have to be newly defined. Offering assurances and/ or straightforward honest words to the people around you can help.


Karl has guided many clients through this difficult transition phase. Amanda went through the Dark Night of the Soul herself. We know and understand the challenges the individual is facing in these turbulent times of change. Due to our experience we can feel into our clients where they currently are in the Dark Night and how we can support them in their individual situation, offering guidance and reference points in this phase when all outer reference points seem to fall away.

We understand the importance (after the deconditioning from the outer reference points and the awakening to the soul) that the individual steps into their own inner guidance and authority.

We therefor don’t delegate our clients what to do, but more so supports them in finding their own unique way through the Dark Night and how to continue living as soul.