“Soul Attunement Training” SAT

Greetings Fellow Souls

Soul Attunement Training (SAT) is taking place in Southern Africa April 2019.

The training focus is on everything related to what it means to live as an embodied soul. It’s a shamanic attunement into body. A descent into matter rather than the soul initiation ascent out of matter.

This program is about establishing personality avatar ego ease through the process of surrendering into embodyment. Achieving living (embodied) perspective of how best to live as personality in service of soul.

As this training is about attuning to soul, the delegates and the facilitators will depart on a journey together in which the feminine and the soul lead the way. In this container we are all equal souls contributing with our unique essence to the group soul journey.

We therefore don’t operate in a static structure or according to a predefined workshop plan. Which at the same time doesn’t mean there is no curriculum. We will learn and apply the intended content and tools of soul based living aligned to the flow of the group.

We will all learn to surrender to this flow and to whatever arises, trusting it is part of the divine plan of our soul journey at that point in time. Living and operating in this living soul group organism will enable you to touch into your soul essence and reprogram our way of living from the driven 3D matrix programming of doing into a way of being in soul alignment.

This is the Attunement training process.

This is a living intentional conscious community which will give us the opportunity to live, experiment and explore what it means to live from soul amongst other people interested to live at this level of depth.

Soul awakening

We will teach functional tools:

Manifestation – Learning how to manifest and live abundantly. In other words how to create wealth, This is the core purpose of the ego avatar personality.. Until the personality manifests abundance it feels unsafe for the animal self and cannot surrender to soul.

Intention – Learning how to crystalize matter by how we label the water off our being determines the beauty of what we crystalize into manifestation.

Unknown – Learning to be in the unknown and unknowable is at odds with the personality ego avatars constant desire to be in the perceived comfort of the known. Learning to overcome the overwhelm of being in the unknown takes neurological cellular reprogramming.

Surrender – Learning how to surrender. How to have nothing to defend not even the self. The soul is our core essence and indestructible aspect of being here on Earth. It takes a big leap of faith in oneself to take the leap into living this way. This is the core process of surrender to existence. To the dreamer that is dreaming us. Giving up the need to control. The need to feel safe. Abandoning the personality self in favour of being soul.

Magic – Learning the power of intent. All magic arises from silent embodied intent. Learning to attune to the frequency of being that intent is the mastery of intent. Intent summons the energy of the four directions. Energy and it’s accumulation is the process of summoning power to create magic.

Sexuality – Learning how to cultivate our Eros builds the energy of our inner lightning. Empowering us to dream and live lives the way we intend. This is Dragon Dreaming.

Warrior Spirit – Learning how to live courageously with heart. To have the courage of a lion and a heart as soft as butter. All roads, all paths, lead to nowhere so choose one with heart.

Controlled Folly – Learning to stalk ourselves and others is a call to deepen into what it means to live the internal marriage of the feminine and masculine. Learning Patience, Cunning, Sweetness and Ruthlessness of a hunter gatherer.

Energy – Learning how to attune with energy. How to tune into the fabric of the energetic realm that surrounds us like water is to a fish. How to summon, direct and shape energy.

Freedom – Learning how not to be offended as the personality ego avatar is the price of freedom we have to pay in order to love ourselves and others fully.

Love – Learning how to love is a road fraught with challenges. Fear being the first enemy but once that formidable enemy is defeated the Intelligence of Love blossoms into our awareness.

This core training is an intensive 3 week immersion to learn the tools and will form part of three episodes of 3 weeks each. the pre-core period is a guided program of self initiation into 5D soul based reality by letting go the conditioning of 3D reality, core beliefs and values. The post core period is a guided self integration of 4D reality.

Attendance of the pre and post core training is a voluntary option and each person will custom design their own experience of this 9 week program.


Soul Investment:

The Temple of the Dreaming Dragon is manifested from these tools. It is the embodied proof of concept of this teaching.

As such it is fully paid off and generates income meaning it is a passive cash positive facility which is birthed out of the intention of abundance driven by soul agenda dreamed into existence and blessing by spirit.

The pre and post periods are donation based. The core training 1400 Euros or R21000 including accomodation.

Vegan vegetables, grains and legumes essentials will be provided for meals whos preparation will arise out of community based self organisation as the embodiment of growing into a living ecosystem to which individuals will add their own ingredients and spice.