Walks in two worlds drawing on two deeply developed aspects:

KarlBusiness : Entrepreneur / Strategist 

A successful self starter businessman who manifested a lifestyle with the most valuable personal commodities of – free timeto follow his hearts desireRecurring Income –  as a semi-retired tech business owner of a National IT Enterprise. The journey started by acquiring formal university degrees to become an accomplished: Computer Scientist + Organizational Psychologist + Strategic Marketing Analyst. To go on to incubate New Paradigm Businesses in various sectors from Green Consciousness to Industry wide IT platforms and Philanthropic Intentional Communities.

KarlSoul : Whisperer / Coach

A Seer Tracker from the Toltec Shamanic Tradition and a Reflector in Human Design. In the Astrological terms he has his Sun in the 12th house shining light of consciousness into the unconscious of others. These 3 external reference points define Karl’s gift to see. A unique ability to within minutes unpack a strangers life story and connect to their soul essence. To reveal what is pulling them forward or holding them back that is whispered into his awareness. It is a magical experience that brings what is unseen from the shadows into light. His passion is to support people to Soul Shine.