Upcoming October 2019 we are offering a spiritual Trekking Tour in the Himalaya in Nepal.

Nepal is famous for it’s stunning, breathtaking mountains: the rooftop of the world as they call it. The highest mountains of the world with up to 8900 meters hight (Mount Everest) are at home in this beautiful Country.

The Annapurna Circuit belongs to the most famous and beautiful trekking tours world wide. The trek takes you all the way up to 5416 meters hight to the Thorog-La pass, which is almost the highest trek worldwide that you can walk without mountaineering.

The energy of the mountains is outstanding and radiating- the perfect setting to dive deeper into soul alignment, which is why we came up with the idea to combine our work with the trek to the peek. While we ascend far up into the Himalaya we will build up the energy to support not only the outer ascension to the peek, but especially the inner ascension into a higher state of consciousness and soul awakening.