Soul Magic

Once a month we hold an open event for a Soul gathering in our Temple of the Dreaming Dragon in the Karoo.

Upcoming dates: December 2018, January 2019, February 2019, March 2019


Drawing from the Nagual Tradition deep magic arises as spirit comes alive in us. The wild animal of the deep feminine gets to run free with full presence. Innocence is the gateway to this state. It`s the inner child that is in awe in the face of the enormity of creation.

We will shake off the shackles of the lifetime conditioning that have become our false reality. We will initiate a conscious exploration through this gateway of innocence, continuing along the path of heart. The heart follows the highway of soul.

You will learn how to listen to your heart and let the impulses arise from there. The old programming of the mind that will naturally get in the way will gradually and systematically dissolve, making way for this new way of being, of living as soul integrated into your personality.

All it takes is our authentic willingness to be vulnerable. To sit in the humility of our powerlessness to get to this gateway of innocence. It`s the vulnerability and the humility of not knowing, of giving up everything you, your mind thinks it knows and surrendering to the NOT KNOWING. In the surrender and in the stillness a new channel will arise. You will be able to receive and follow the intuition and impulses your soul brings to you. You will let life live through you, you will be surrendered to life.

What does it mean to live as innocence? What does innocence have to do with heart? Why is authentic vulnerability so hard to achieve? Why is powerlessness a powerful teacher? These are only some of the questions we explore as we turn up the volume and build the intensity in the pressure cooker to stew the characters ingredients to serve up a personality for soul.