The Illusion of Perception

Believing your own perception is the objective reality/ truth holds you imprisoned by your own ego.
Our perception is conditioned by our beliefs, experiences and wounds. The way we perceive reality is seen through these programmed filters. I recently read that 98% of our thoughts aren’t our own thoughts! They’re thoughts of the programming of society, family, friends. We have learned and adapted how to live the truth of other people, but not our own. We have forgotten how to be in touch with our own inner truth (not the truth of the mind!) because all of this noise is covering it.
I therefor have learned to not trust what my mind is telling me. I know i can’t rely on my mind. My mind feeds me the same stories, creates the same behavior patterns again and again.
Freedom is the recognition that you are not your mind, your are not your stories. You are that what remains after the vails of the ego mind bullshit are lifted.
But our ego wants us to believe we are that. It categorizes into right and wrong, it of course always being in the right. The problem is: all egos believe they are right in their subjective perception. That’s where the ego mind creates seperation.

So is everyone right or everyone wrong? I think there is actually no such thing as right or wrong. It’s our mind that categorizes something to be right or wrong, according to our unique fingerprint of conditioning. The irony is we create for ourselves pain by labeling and judgeing. We go into resistance or drama.
What if something could just be without label or judgement? What if we could just accept and welcome everything the way it is? That brings piece and freedom to your being because the ego doesn’t have a hold on you anymore with it’s selfcreated misery.


Letting go of the spiritual ego…
Letting go of the thoughts of the mind that think things should be in a certain way, telling and selling you this is your souls purpose, your soul alignment, what you’re supposed to be doing. That’s just more bodymind/ ego/ personality trying to act as soul.

If you can manage to let go of the thoughts telling you how things should be, then you can actually start getting towards where your soul really wants to be and not where your mind thinks your soul should be. You have to get out of your own way and surrender to the guidance and intellegence of life.
This was and still is the hardest lesson for me to learn and embody because the conditioning and programming of doing and achieving was so deeply imprinted. My existence was built apon it, as i’m sure it is with most of the people in our society.

It’s a completly different way of functioning that is foreign to us, yes almost alien. I felt like i was back to being a toddler learning how to crawl, discovering the mysteries of life with a new perception, shifting the assemblege points into a new reality of soulbased living.

Soul Song

Dedicated to all souls on the way home.

Innocence is the gateway to soul and the every personality is wounded in love in life in matter. Coming into matter is a nefarious affair- and yet it must be by soul design because the parents and culture are so formative of our conditioning of the identity of self, that it can’t be a random lottery. If that is the case, we are all fucked. Life is unfair. Life is a merciless executioner of fate. The starving child in Ethiopia abandoned to fate and not the souls design. We are truly fucked. Abandoned children of the universe thrust from source onto this rock called Earth and like lemmings falling off the edge into life.


I tell you life is love and love wants us to experience the richest experiences life has to offer in 3D reality in matter. Life is looking over us like a loving Shepard and it is our choice that defines us. Where we decide to live from creates and shapes our experience to serve life and love.

Innocence is the gateway to soul, which gives expression to the purest expression of the souls design to navigate our intended experience. Innocence leads to the depth of soul and is in the opposite direction to naivete, which exists on the surface of personality. Naivete is like wounding the crust, which has accumulated over time, to channel the ego animal as a right of passage. Further more it is a training toward the orientation to travel toward the depth of soul- when the surface illusion of the material of the matrix no longer holds way over the personality choices. When the true compass of being centered in heart starts to direct the pig personality by pulling it by the ring in its nose toward the direction of love- so arises a meaningful life toward essence of soul looking to birth.

And so the hero’s journey begins into the depths of the underworld below matter, below the 3D, below the matrix. Along the way the outermost crust of surface consciousness, the Inner Child, (the one closest to heart consciousness) begins to clean up the debris of wounding in the personality. Here self love starts to blossom.

Next on the way deeper is the shallow masculine and feminine consciousness of the prince and princess. Love gets very confused and distracted here and the journey in most souls becomes stuck at this level of reincarnating into relationship after relationship. This is because the debris of the child’s wounding keeps manipulating love, preventing the prince and princess from being able to evolve into a  deeper depth of relating and consciousness.

However, if the ego sees the folly of chasing this rabbit and digs deep enough into itself to love the other as a reflection of self- to break the personality out of it’s control drama … a new territory arrives where the identity of self is no longer defined by wounding.

It is a new dawn in consciousness as the gift of the surface masculine and feminine become reference points to navigating between hope and despair, between love and fear, between expansion and contraction, between freedom and slavery.

The hero rises into new depth of being. The tree roots of heart grow deeper than the grass roots of conditioned humanity, lost in the illusion of love. The hero ascends sprouting branches to depth, leaves and blossoms releasing a fragrance of consciousness that has the ever increasing clarity to discern which direction to grow and flow to serve the deepening of heart- the roots in service of deep love. For now, love is the awakening consciousness that teaches the masculine and feminine duality and allows the beauty of their respective consciousnesses.

The masculine as the most effective hunter gatherer of the red material plane and feminine the most effective dreamer magician of the blue magical plane. The hero is getting close to the inner marriage as the red and blue consciousness understand the way forward is only to pass through the eye of the needle by surrendering and going to their knees in service of love. Love becomes the ruler of their domain.
Gone is the wolf of fear despair contraction and slavery. It has been defeated by the wolf of love hope expansion and freedom. The masculine and feminine have paid the price. They are no longer the same identities that left the surface to travel deeper to the other side of the river toward the depth of soul.

The prince and princess resolved into the deep masculine and feminine of the king and queen, yet with the wisdom to surrender the power of consciousness and the power of being- feeling to the ultimate power of love of life. There is joy in the land.

Their inner union heralds the rise of the dragon consciousness and the phoenix rising out of the ashes of their complete surrender. It gives wings to the soul to emerge out of the chrysalis of personality to truly fly as the butterfly essence of soul.
Karl Heart
27 January 2018


Ego vs. Soul: finding back to my true nature

My/ our true nature is beautiful, unique and needs nothing. It is simply, without judgement. It doesn’t want to achieve anything, has no expectations. It only wants to remain in the state of being, enjoying the precious moment.
The soul IS, without ifs and buts .. in connection with the universe and the All she knows that she does not need anything on the outside. For everything she needs, she already carries within herself. The unconditional love, the connection and the purpose. She is greater than anything I can imagine .. because she is everything.

The only thing keeping me from this natur is my head, my ego.. with all its beliefs, expectations, judgements and patterns. All these conciel my true nature, preventing me from feeling this endless vastness and unconditional love. But it is there, lying under the surface and only waiting for me to be able to see, to be able to step into my power and recognize myself for who I really am. I have been very fortunate to get a glimpse of this burried beauty twice recently.. In this power there is no history, no futur, no expectations.
Because I AM now, I AM at every moment.

So currently my mind and my soul are haveing an inner conversation. My soul knows that she is perfect the way she is NOW. She accepts and loves me unconditionally. She’s calling me with her sweet voice, asking me to see, whispering soft words of recognition.
My mind keeps getting in the way of that calling. For my mind and ego have learned by the innumerable experiences of my life that I’m not perfect the way I am. And my ego attempts to compensate this imperfection, looking for acceptance, recognition and love on the outside to balance the perceived deficiency. Not knowing that his perception of reality is based on lies.

My ego wants to attach itself to things on the outside, which makes him feel loveable.. especially to people, relationships, partners.. because it doesn’t know that it can also give itself everything it needs and is longing for. Therfor it is projecting the lack and the neediness on the outside.
My soul wants to let go and give herself in to faith, because she knows that she is always connected with everything, with love and thus there is no reason to hold on to anything, there is no need for projections.

And so the fear and the clinging of my ego… and the love and the letting go of my soul are standing face to face, defining a polarity in me. In certain moments I am overcome by fear. I fall into deep emotions and my ego is telling me the story of suffering and lack. These moments are very painful and I catch myself wanting to run away. But then I turn around look the fear in the eye, with the fiercness of a tiger and the softness of a butterfly in the wind.. practicing to accept my fear, to be with her an to send her love.. knowing that true love knows no judgments, that she doesn’t lable these painful feelings as negative, but simply as a state of being.. in deep trust and with the conviction, that exactly this love has the power to transform those feelings into the light.

And the next moment this unconditional love for myself and for everything overcomes me again.. Because love knows that everything is just right as it is.

So this is currently a back and forth between fear and love. But each time I am able to step into the freedom of acceptance.. accepting my fear, anger and sadness.. I feel that the love is getting stronger and the fear weaker.. until one day I can eventually dissolve and transform completely into light.

Gradually I am recognizing all the situations that trigger these feelings in me as a gift.. and I realize that all the forms of my weakness are my true strengths. Because they offer me the opportunity to grow on them, to transform them with my love, until eventually nothing remains except a state of being in unconditional love.

And I hear the ever-growing call, the call of my soul in all it’s light. A certainty that rises slowly in me.. a voice getting louder, like the roar of a lion.. I already have everything, I AM already everything I need.

And i let go and let myself fall.. I surrender to purpose, I surrender to faith, I surrender to love.

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