Karl Heart is a Seer Tracker from the Toltec Shamanic Tradition and a Reflector (1% of the population) in the Human Design Tradition. In the Astrological tradition he has his Sun in the 12th house and is therefor shining light into the unconscious, into the shadows.

These 3 external reference points define Karl`s gift to see. He has the ability to bring people within minutes to their core issues and what holds them back in life. He makes their programming visible. These are often people he has never seen before.

It is often not easy to see what he brings from the shadows into light.Therefore,some egos react by projecting, attacking, blocking, etc. That`s actually where the gold is. Karl has the strength of conviction and knows the importance of the unfolding for the person to hold the resistance. Karl is in that responding to the soul call and not the personality.

For over 15 years Karl has been focused through his soul design to assist people to live at depth attuned to Soul.

That depth is accessed through the ancestral feminine Shamanic path of Heart that travels into the void, from which the dark light shines back as love, to transfigure experience on Earth.

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Amanda is devoted to soul upliftment and left behind an established career, home, friends and family in Switzerland to devote herself to this life purpose. Amanda has a unique essence that integrates innocence and rationality with heartfelt charm. As a space holder and teacher of children she has a natural gift for facilitating inner child development. As a wild warrior woman who runs with wolves she encourages others to face their fears head on to find freedom to love more deeply.Image may contain: Amanda Inglin