We are a collective of individuals forming a global network that spans Bali, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa to Canada and the USA.

We welcome all partners and delegates who are called to align with Soul Perspective. Those who are called to live with the deepest perspective possible and act from that place of universal truth born out of creation, the source of love.

Our guiding principle is to be the highest version of ourselves as embodied souls in service of other souls. Facilitating the journey deeper from Ego driven 3D reality perspective into 5D Soul based reality perspective. The Intelligence of our hearts is our compass and Love the direction.

As a network of individuals around the globe we offer our services:

  • Online on demand Coaching,
  • By appointment in Person or Skype Sessions,
  • Scheduled Workshops around the globe,
  • Retreats for organizations to raise awareness and build effective teams,
  • Regular yearly longterm Immersion Intentional Community experiences.


Karl Heart has deep experience as a Seer Tracker from the Toltec Shamanic Tradition and a Reflector in the Human Design Tradition. In the Astrological tradition he has his Sun in the 12th house shining light of consciousness into the unconscious of others. These 3 external reference points define Karl`s gift to see.

In late 2016 he had a Near Death Experience after a fall where his neurosurgeon later commented he wasn’t at deaths door … he was through it. This NDE gave Karl access to the hidden realm of Soul Space and fully aware of his choice, as a soul and expression of love, to be here doing this work.

He has the ability to take complete strangers within minutes to their core issues as he connects to their soul essence which reveals to him what is holding them back in life and out of soul alignment. He whispers their soul perspective into awareness that the ego runs as self destructive program of learnt habits, beliefs and values. It is most often not easy for the ego to see what he brings from the shadows into light.

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Amanda is a qualified Swiss school teacher of young learners which she has translated into a natural gift for facilitating inner child development in adults. Her unique playful essence integrates innocence and rationality with heartfelt charm to create a safe inner learning environment. Yet, as a wild adventurous skydiving warrior woman, who runs with wolves, she encourages others to face their fears head on to find freedom to love more deeply.

Her purpose is to bring forgotten knowledge back into general awareness. This knowledge is our birthright and what we can access by remembering who we are and the opportunity to become in this lifetime!
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Holds a Doctorate in Bio Engineering and coupled with his deep dreaming vision provides a unique perspective on life that facilitates breaking the paradigm of normal reality. Jerome is a key space holder in the workshops and immersion events held in South Africa. Jerome is the creator of EcoPools where he has applied his bio engineering to practical use to facilitate awakening into Green Consciousness that is arising at this time while global warming takes hold in our general consciousness.

Bia Bliss

Bia Bliss is a Somatic Sexologist, Embodiment Counsellor, and student of life. Her work directly addresses sexual and emotional healing, self-empowerment, and awakening personal inner truths. The learnings and breakthroughs Bia has experienced on her journey of self-healing and self-discovery has deeply inspired her to share her passion for sexual & emotional wholeness and embodied awakening with others.


Chu like Karl in Astrological tradition has his Sun in the 12th house shining light of consciousness into the unconscious of others. He offers a unique peaceful warrior Non Violent Communication (NVC) style of being that facilitates people feeling safe and in their ease to look into the unconscious he shines his consciousness on.