“​Yes i have always been in “control” of myself and my life and all the stuff you were saying is true. this time around, its exactly that that i have lost. No control, powerless and helpless is the feeling that is running thru me.”

The point with is she couldn’t find a way to let go control. The illusion of Control is what we cling as an ego trying to survive as soul.

Life is always helping to show another way to live. In the flow. Without control, plans, do do lists. No responsibility just being fully present and FULLY out of control facing into the challenges life puts in front of us.

Because the wounding (un-safety) runs deep in us it  It is easy to see how difficult it is for anyone to actually understand this point.

Everyone is going through the same process for a different reason… 

Could you imagine a woman having to resolve that her step father from the age of 3 told her he would kill her and by 5 that he wanted to?

We all have a long way and deeper to go to heal these core wounds. Let us believe the time is right to heal it now.

These are the men, woman and especially the inner children we are gathering April each year. To imerse through 5 weeks of cleaning up of the destructive imprinting that created the need for control in the first place.
Take from now till April to get ready for that opportunity.