11November (Twin Soul Day)
11 = Twin Flame Symbol
11.11 = Double Twin Flames
11 + 11 =  Exponential twin flame constellation
11 is The reflection of the inner masculine (red) and femanine (blue) marriage.
The resolution of duality in us into a singularity.
11 + 11
Today the outer opportunity for twin flames to expand their singularity (aloneness in sovereignty) into awareness.
One soul (11)  dancing + another soul (11)
How is that being reflected to you today?
In your partner (most obvious), in your children or parents as the next level out? Friends / Work etc So it goes on holographically.
Today holds the gift of seeing your own soul reflected in another.
Look into the twin flame.
Today it’s duality is most magnified through the clarity of our singular union between consciousness and Awareness being met on the outside.
If you don’t understand what I’m channeling here, message me. Today is a valuable gift if you can presence with it..
Looking forward to meeting up with souls from here gathering for SAT April2019 to play with this stuff lightly and deeply.
I’m a tour guide through the magic unfolding via us all the time if we can just stop to notice.