Tired of living in circles?

Imagine living as the highest version of yourself.

What would it take to be this person?

Answering this and more importantly living it is the guiding principle of SoulEssence.

Let us take you to the edge of yourself into SoulEssence.

Edge guaranteed, or money back.

All we require is your courage to be authentic.

So if you are ready for the hypocrite to die, speak to us.

By jumping over the edge and abandoning your ego Self, you open yourself to the fulfilling opportunity of living your life in Soul alignment.


We come to experience life on this earth as separation from the essence of oneness and the highest purpose is to come together, as these differentiated identities, and reintegrate back into the essence of oneness to create heaven on earth. This is the purpose of humanity in the “now” and it is growing into a consciousness you and I can feel more deeply as we integrate with the Intelligence of Love that is our Souls Essence.

However before we can get there, we have one more hurdle which is the penultimate experience of differentiation. This is to experience our differentiated Soul Essence. Many of us are ready to take this step and what we as SoulEssence want to support you and ourselves to experience.

Getting to that edge requires the integration of everything that we are as people. As people we are wounded, messy and get lost for years if not lifetimes working through those experiences to integrate them into being the totality of ourselves as humans. This is the essence of dance between the freedom and love taking place in this duality construct.


Freedom is an essence we all understand in our bones because it’s what we have been evolving toward as a species for hundreds of thousands of years as we evolved out of the wild free animal form. Next into a civilized domesticated trapped form over the last few thousand years. In the recent last few hundred years the pace increased resulting in unprecedented freedom for the masses. In the last three decades through this process of market driven individuation (Karl Jung term for individualisation) it is epitomized by the selfie hashtag generation. Yet it is paradoxically the most soulless time in human experience because as freedom has exploded so love has imploded.

Imagine what it would be like to experience meeting and being with flame of your  own soul alive in another person. To experience the full awesome grandeur of the fire of your godlike nature sparking with lightning intensity between you and another?


If just the idea of this possibility excites you, then you are tapping into the purpose of SoulEssence and we invite you to come play with us as we create heaven on earth.